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New York City based Matt Beilis grew up a classical piano prodigy - but making music for a living was always something that seemed like a pipe dream. That was until he started singing and posting cover videos on YouTube. It wasn't long before Matt's unique voice and style led to shout-outs and shares by stars like Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and Ashton Kutcher. Matt quickly grew into an internationally touring act with college tours, and support slots for multi-platinum acts around the world like Secondhand Serenade, Smokey Robinson, and Jay Leno.

Matt's new single 'Same Blood' is a soaring pop record laid on top of Hip Hop bones. "We came to the phrase 'Same Blood' organically in the session, and we loved that it had such a powerful meaning right away. This song is about letting someone know they're not alone in what they go through. It's about empathizing with them and letting them know you've been there before."


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