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Jenniffer Weigel as your Keynote Speaker

Hiring Jen brings credibility, positive energy and a sense of humor to any event. Her decades of experience as an award winning journalist gives her the expertise to speak to the world’s climate and current events, while her passion for wellness gives a perspective that is refreshing and needed, now more than ever. Here are examples of several different focuses of Jen’s presentations.

Raise Your Immunity and Embrace Your Community

In this very uncertain time of COVID-19, Jen shares data on the best ways to boost the immune system from her dozens of interviews with the science and medical community since the virus hit earlier this year. She also shares research that shows how to battle depression and anxiety when facing such an unpredictable landscape. (Community Centers/Business/Medical/Health-Wellness)

Love Yourself, Don’t Leave Yourself

Inspiring stories reflecting the power of self-love, (not to be confused with being “self-ish”) explaining how this also differs from our social media world of being “self-absorbed.” Jen shares neuroscience research on how to calm and heal the brain “from the inside-out” vs. needing external accolades to feel complete. Using humor and stories of her own failures and challenges, she also includes wisdom from many bestselling authors and gurus that she has interviewed over the years. (Colleges/Wellness/Health/Women’s Conferences)

I’m Spiritual, Dammit!

After losing her father to a brain tumor in 2001, Jen quit her job as an Emmy Award winning journalist to interview various mediums/psychics and healers. Her hope was to prove that all mediums are frauds. 20-plus years and hundreds of conversations later, Jen shares her experiences that show there’s more going on than what we can see and touch. “I’m a skeptic first that needs to be convinced otherwise,” says Jen. “I never would have believed this stuff had it not happened to me!” (Wellness/Women’s Conferences/Senior Living Facilities/Church or Faith Based Events/New Age)

Pivot with Purpose

When everything implodes, how can you and your business survive? Having to re-invent herself many times with her own career in journalism and broadcasting, Jen shares best practices for embracing change, creating a new game plan and empowering your team. Presenting data with a sense of humor and hope, this is the perfect conversation for inspiring corporations in a COVID-19 world. (Corporations/Colleges/Women’s Conferences)

Look for the Signs

Can miracles happen? Is there evidence that prayer works? What proof do we have that there is an afterlife? Where do we go when we die? Jen has spent over two decades interviewing people who have “died and lived to talk about it” or survivors of NDE’s - “Near Death Experiences”. She shares tips on manifestation, miraculous recoveries, medical miracles, how to ask for signs, and much more. (Religious/Wellness/Women’s Conferences/New Age)

Living by “The Four Agreements”

Don Miguel Ruiz’s bestselling book of Toltec wisdom tells the story of an ancient way of living:

  • 1.Be Impeccable with Your Word
  • 2. Don’t Take It Personally
  • 3. Never Assume
  • 4. Always Do Your Best

As a medical doctor, Ruiz couldn’t understand how his patients kept getting sick after he would heal them physically, until he realized it was their minds that made them ill. Jen shares her conversations with Ruiz and walks the audience through applying these principals to all areas of life – from family to work and personal relationships.


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